Punter Southall launches workplace savings business

Pensions - thumbnailPunter Southall is launching new workplace pensions and savings business that combines its Defined Contribution Consulting, CAMRADATA investment research firm and Aspire to Retire member communications arms.

The new business – called Punter Southall Aspire – aims to help employers of every size ‘build rewards and benefits which are competitive, affordable and deliver the best possible outcome for employees’.

The business will be led by Steve Butler, founder of CAMRADATA. The launch of the new business also follows Punter Southall Group’s acquisition in October last year of Ashcourt Rowan Corporate Solutions from Towry Law.

As Punter Southall Aspire, the combined business will offer technology-driven workplace services, including pension provision, pension consultancy, investment research and member communications.  It launches with 800 clients and with offices in 11 key locations across the UK including Edinburgh, York, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London.

Punter Southall Aspire chief executive Steve Butler says: “Employers are being expected to play a growing role in helping individuals save and plan for their retirement yet policy and regulatory changes do not make that easy.  Our ambition is to help employers build rewards and benefits that attract and retain the best, and make workplace savings simple and accessible for all”

Punter Southall group chief executive and co-founder Jonathan Punter says:  “Over the last 28 years, we’ve grown by anticipating and responding to the shifts in pensions, savings and investments and have guided our clients accordingly. This new business will support employers as workplace pensions and benefits converge still further.”