PAYG occ health for SMEs launched by Axa PPP

SMEs will be able to access pay-as-you-go occupational health services under a new on demand service from Axa PPP Healthcare.

Paul Moulton, Axa PPP HealthcareThe service, designed for SMEs and mid-sized corporates who occasionally need the input of occupational health experts to help manage frequent, repeated and long term absences and performance issues relating to ill health at work.

Called Occupational Health on Demand (OHOD), the service gives clients control of spend through standardised pricing. Subscribing employers will be given an online profile and access to the service’s dedicated Workplace Health Gateway referral portal. Clients are also sent links to video guides explaining how to access the Gateway’s Assessment and Referral services. The service includes a manager telephone advice line, management referral service, new starter health and working time regulations assessments, workplace assessments, flu vaccinations and training days.

Axa PPP Healthcare intermediary distribution director Paul Moulton says: “OHOD brings OH professionalism and expertise to the backbone of Britain – SMEs and mid-sized corporates for whom it’s not usually cost effective to subscribe to the kind of comprehensive OH cover commonly procured by larger-sized employers.”