Watch Hannah Lewis, Lynda Whitney and Paul Todd: The psychology of pension saving

On Tuesday 6th February experts debated the psychological issues troubling the minds of UK savers and the ways behavioural insights can improve outcomes.

Discussion points:

  • Employees’ contributions are set to triple from April – how will they respond? And with wages failing to keep up with prices, what does the future hold for the removal of band earnings?
  • Nudge theory has worked in auto-enrolment’s favour so far – but will a lack of engagement cause problems further down the line?
  • Nudge theory and pension freedoms are uncomfortable bedfellows – how should the industry engage with savers?
  • Is the industry being honest with savers about whether their levels of savings are sufficient?
  • Auto-enrolment has benefited from constantly rising markets. So how much risk is the right level of risk and what behaviour could we see if and when there is a downturn?


Hannah Lewis, founder, Behave London
Lynda Whitney, partner, Aon Hewitt
Paul Todd, director – investment development & delivery, NEST
John Greenwood, editor, Corporate Adviser

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