LEBC appoints two MDs in corporate restructure

LEBC Group has appointed two managing directors following a corporate restructure that sees the establishment of a distinct retirement advice business.

Jack McVitie, LEBCJeremy MacLeod becomes managing director of LEBC’s ‘Foundation’ business, which includes advising and servicing its established bank of private and corporate clients and branch network, while Nick Flynn becomes managing director of LEBC’s ‘The Retirement Adviser’ business, which includes providing defined benefits pension scheme audits for corporations and large employers.

Prior to their appointments, MacLeod was chief operating officer and Flynn was divisional director, longevity at LEBC.

The firm says it is also planning to recruit additional financial advisers and paraplanners across its 16 branches during 2017.

LEBC’s recently launched Bionic proposition, which fully regulated, tailored advice, appropriate and suitable to their own circumstances delivered through telephony and the internet, will straddle both business units.

LEBC chief executive Jack McVitie says, “Our creating of these roles is driven by an ambition to continue our organic growth agenda. Going forward we have two distinct business units headed by two managing directors with significant autonomy to grow their individual areas of responsibility.

“These appointments recognise the growing size and diversity of our business and recognise the different challenges, opportunities and needs of those business streams.

“It is with great pleasure that I recognise the appointments of these two excellent individuals, both of whom have grown through the LEBC business, something we very much believe in.”

MacLeod says: “With pensions freedom and auto-enrolment in particular over the past few years, we have seen unprecedented activity and growth in our business. We are in a very good position to service both of those going forward for the benefit of our existing as well as new clients as they come on board. This is a very exciting time for LEBC.”

Flynn says: “The Retirement Adviser has worked very closely with many employers particularly helping them to explore the potential to de-risk their defined benefits pension schemes and subsequently advising their members accordingly. Our experience and subsequent reputation in this area has been well acknowledged and as a result we continue to go from strength to strength.”