Video GP consultations launch from Axa

Axa PPP Healthcare is offering employees of larger employers 24/7 access to video GP consultations through specialist provider Doctor Care Anywhere.

Called Doctor@Hand, the service allows staff to have secure video consultations with an experienced UK GP at a time and in a location that suits them, both in the UK and abroad.

Axa PPP says Doctor@Hand will reduce hours lost to employees waiting to make appointments with their NHS GP and taking time away from work to attend such appointments. 

Appointments are available between 8am and 10pm UK time, 365 days a year, with appointments typically available within two hours.

Consultations, which last up to 15 minutes are with an experienced UK GP with a minimum of six years post qualification experience that has been specifically trained in telemedicine. Male of female doctors can be chosen, as can specific doctors by name.

Prescriptions prescribed through the service are delivered within 4 hours in London, the next working day across the UK, within 24 hours across Europe and within 48 hours across the rest of the world.

Universal Music has been trialing the service since May amongst its 1,200 UK employees. It has offered a company funded benefit of three consultations per employee per year, with a flexibile benefit option for family members made available as a salary sacrifice option. It has seen 97 per cent take-up, with 46 per cent of employees creating a profile with Doctor@Hand within the first two months. It reports an 18 per cent year-to-date decrease in absences for medical appointments compared to the same period in 2014.

The services is integrated with their employer’s Axa PPP PMI plan. In the event that a referral to PMI funded care is needed, Doctor@Hand links with Axa’s Fast Track Appointments team.

Axa PPP Healthcare director of health consulting Elliott Hurst says: “The wind of change is blowing through the healthcare system where, at last, patients are getting the kind of service they may have only dreamt could be possible. We are confident that employers and their employees will find Doctor@Hand to be a service that they truly value.”

Doctor Care Anywhere CEO Kate Newhouse says: “We believe that our online video GP consultations service will result in a shift in the industry towards better access to healthcare driven by latest technologies. We see a future where obtaining fast, high quality medical care and advice using smartphones, tablets or laptops will be commonplace.”

Universal Music Holdings Ltd compensation & benefits director Andrea Giacomazzi says: “We are exceedingly happy with the Doctor@Hand service delivered by Doctor Care Anywhere, which we have been using since May this year. Feedback from employees is extremely positive – our staff can’t believe they can get a GP appointment on the same day and from the comfort of their own home. The proof that it has been a success is the 97 per cent employee take-up and an 18% year-to-date decrease in absences for medical appointments compared to the same period in 2014.”