Income protection ads in Downton Abbey as Unum launches £15m TV campaign

Unum is launching a new advertising campaign to raise awareness of income protection amongst consumers.

The adverts will appear during ITV’s Downton Abbey, DCI Banks and News slot and Channel 4’s Location Location Location, Grand Designs, Secret Millionaire and their screenings of feature films.
Unum’s TV adverts are the first above the line element of an integrated consumer education campaign launched at the beginning of the year. Until now, Unum’s campaign has focussed on PR and social media, along with print and online partnerships. The launch of the TV adverts coincides with a long-needed wider industry push to raise awareness of this important issue amongst consumers.
Unum says 9 out of 10 people don’t have a back-up plan to support themselves if they were to lose their income due to illness or injury, indicating a significant need for protection. The campaign aims to deliver the message around the importance of a back-up plan in an engaging and memorable way, with the ultimate aim of growing the UK protection market.
The adverts use people with niche talents to visually explain what income protection is and why consumers need to have a financial back-up plan in place.

The adverts form part of a £15 million integrated campaign over three years, which also sees Unum engage consumers through print and social media, to make consumers aware of the gap in their financial protection.

Tim Jackson, head of marketing strategy, Unum UK says: “We are hoping these adverts will create a significant buzz amongst consumers about the importance of having a back-up plan to protect their income.

“Our consumer awareness campaign highlights the significance of such protection and the adverts aim to start conversations amongst consumers with their friends, family and – importantly – their employers. This is not so much about Unum advertising their products and more that Unum, along with a growing number of insurers, is ensuring consumers are aware of the need for protection, therefore growing the market as a whole”.