£1 a week cash plan from Bupa

Bupa is introducing a tiered cash plan offering three levels of cover that start at £1 a week per employee.

Cash Plan Fundamentals allows employees to claim back up to £2,295 a year towards the cost of their everyday healthcare expenses.

The new cash plan provides up to £200 a year for optical care, £200 a year for dental treatment and up to £400 a year for consultations, scans and diagnostic tests for employees. It also offers up to £45 a year for prescriptions and £300 a year for medical appliances, such as the use of a wheelchair.

All levels of cover include access to a 24-hour helpline offering advice on medical, tax and welfare issues.

There is no underwriting or upper age limit and cover can be extended to an entire family starting from an additional £1 per employee per week.

Emma Exelby, sales manager for Bupa Cash Plan says: “As well as appealing to employees, this product also helps employers to meet some of their Duty of Care requirements with our optical benefit which offers cash back for sight tests, glasses and contact lenses.”