Axa PPP Healthcare launches comprehensive workplace healthcare solution

Axa PPP Healthcare has launched a workplace health solution that focuses on prevention, guidance, fast access to care and return to work services.

Called The Healthcare Pathway, the service controls costs by working only with selected healthcare providers. Axa PPP says its network of healthcare providers means members should typically be no more than 15 miles from a selected hospital, and no further than 5 miles from one in London.

The preventative element of the service, which aims to engage employees in their health and wellbeing, is provided by AXA PPP’s Employee Health Gateway – a personalised web-based service that encourages employees to live healthier lives by making small, steady changes to lessen their health risks. Those at special risk can receive optional access to more intensive support.

The service also offers access to the provider’s 24/7 Health at Hand health information service, provided by nurses, midwives, pharmacists and counselors. Members and their family affected by heart disease or cancer can access telephone support from a dedicated heart or cancer care nurse. 

Fast access to medical care is delivered by Axa PPP’s Fast Track service.

Treatment is delivered through Axa PPP’s healthcare provider network, which offers access to over 120 hospitals, including BMI Healthcare, Nuffield Health, The London Clinic and Aspen Healthcare, and 15,000 specialists.

Recovery and return to work is facilitated by a dedicated physiotherapy team.

James Freeston, sales & marketing director, Axa PPP says: “We understand the tough economic, social and health landscape employers are dealing with and the pressure they’re facing to provide for employee healthcare at a cost their businesses can sustain. Meeting this need, while also tackling the causes of medical inflation, demands a new way of thinking.

“Our response is to pioneer a better health journey: The Healthcare Pathway – helping employees stay healthy by providing engaging health guidance, speeding them to the right treatment when they need it and supporting them throughout their recovery. And at the same time tackling costs and ensuring financial sustainability.”

Mike Izzard, chief executive, Premier Choice Group says: “I think this is a good offering. It concentrates on the patient’s pathway through the workplace and not just on the treatment at the end. And opting for a limited panel of service providers makes sense when we are all trying to reduce costs for clients.”