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Joint effort would help

Commenting on our submission to John Hutton’s public sector pensions commission, (Expect Evolution not Revolution – CA September 2010) Teresa Hunter says the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy should “stick to twisting joints”.

She also refers to our efforts as being of “lower quality”, but offers no other analysis of our position.

The most recent reform of public pensions has produced a system that is fair for both the taxpayer and the employee. The CSP believes it is sustainable and affordable in the long-term and also an essential tool for the recruitment and retention of top quality staff.

Instead of engaging with this argument, it is disappointing that Ms Hunter chooses to fling playground insults.

With the future highly uncertain for many public sector workers, a more constructive tone is needed in this debate.

Lesley Mercer, director of employment relations and union services, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy