NU launches scheme to combat absenteeism

Norwich Union Healthcare is launching an absence management solution to enable its clients to tackle absenteeism and speed return to work.

Launched this month, Absence Solutions is a telephone-based system which can work alongside the medical intervention services offered by Norwich Union Occupational Health.

The system comprises a choice of modules. Absence Manager allows employers to choose from either an automated telephone and web-based service, or a nurse-based telephone service to record the incidence of absence of employees and provide tailored reporting to employers.

Absence Rehabilitation offers a service where clinically-trained nurses direct employees through to appropriate services as soon as a problem arises. Rehabilitation services can provide medical advice and treatment, counselling for stress-related conditions, or health and wellbeing plans for employees.

Its Audit and Consultancy offering gives audits of health hazards and risks and provides advice and guidance on the steps an organisation should take to ensure the protection of its workforce.

Mark Noble, director of group life and healthcare, says: “As the cost of employee absence increases, having a consistent and effective absence management strategy has become paramount for companies – whatever their size or industry.”