Nest and Stonefish share best practice : Are you asking fund managers the right questions?

Nest and Stonefish Consulting are sharing expertise on how corporate advisers and trustees can scrutinise hidden charges in pension investments.
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Nest has published its investment fund procurement guidelines, setting out the core areas covered when grilling fund managers on their offering, including security lending income and costs, FX costs, pricing basis and spreads and dilution levy.

Stonefish Consulting has made available a pension fund data request covering core pension scheme, consultant, asset manager and custodian data. Stonefish has also made available slides containing research data on its investigations into hidden charges in local government pension schemes.

The publication of the data request guidelines follows a session on charges at the Corporate Adviser Summit in October when the two organisations agreed to share best practice with the corporate pensions industry.

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Nest investment fund procurement guidelines 

Stonefish Consulting pension fund data request

Stonefish Consulting portfolio turnover rate research/slides