JLT offers its diversified growth fund through Aegon GPPs

JLT Benefit Solutions is offering its diversified growth fund, the JLT Growth Fund represents JLT Benefit into the GPP market, with Aegon the first provider to offer the fund.

JLT says the fund represents its ‘very best investment thinking’, and says the move reflects its ability to transfer its DB expertise into the increasingly significant DC space. The JLT Growth Fund it is being made available as a self select option.

Paul Armitage, head of DC Consulting at JLT, says: “It is rare for this institutional investment thinking to be available in the contract space. GPPs have traditionally focused their offerings on passive funds, led by the pressure to keep costs down. However, this is often not in the best interest of members, with industry research showing that lower levels of volatility – present in active, highly diversified funds – helps to keep members engaged in saving.

“The fact that DGF solutions are now starting to appear on GPP platforms will brighten retirement prospects for scheme members and the JLT Growth Fund is a notable addition to that list.”

Linda Whorlow, director of strategic accounts, Aegon says: “Our investment platform capabilities enable us to build within our proposition wrapper investment consultancy own solutions where they wish to design funds to meet the specific needs of their clients.”