TPR calls on pensions industry to press on with automatic enrolment preparations

The Pensions Regulator has urged pensions professionals not to take their foot off the accelerator in their preparations for automatic enrolment.

The call comes the day after the Government announced a delay in the onset of auto-enrolment duties for employers with less than 50 staff, whose staging dates will now start from May 2015 instead of April 2014.
Bill Galvin, chief executive of The Pensions Regulator, said it would maintain a ’business as usual’ approach in preparing the pensions market for automatic enrolment.
Galvin says: “None of the large employers that we’ve already contacted about their staging date will see any changes. Employers with staging dates from August 2013 will receive more information in the new year but will not see major changes in what they need to do. Small and micro employers have longer to prepare but remain within the scope of the new duties.
“There are still major challenges ahead. It’s important that employers, industry bodies, advisers, payroll software providers, and others, keep their foot on the accelerator and do not let preparations slip. We remain committed to providing quality information and support to help businesses of all sizes to get ready.”