Advisers cautious over corporate wrap threat

One in four corporate advisers view corporate wrap propositions as a significant threat to their business in the long term, according to a poll of delegates at the Summit.

The survey, which polled the views of more than 40 of the country’s leading corporate intermediaries, shows that 55 per cent feel corporate wrap presents a risk that providers will sidestep intermediaries, wiping out a valuable chunk of new business. 29 per cent said they expect this will happen only “occasionally” while 26 per cent said it is a “significant long-term threat”. The remaining 45 per cent said they do not see it as a threat at all. When it comes to charging structure for corporate wrap, advisers were again polarised.

More than half of advisers (58 per cent) say they expect up to 10 per cent of their clients to implement one within 18 months, while 30 per cent forecasted between 10 and 25 per cent of clients will do this and only 12 per cent thought more than one quarter of their clients will implement one in the same timeframe.