What do you think of corporate platforms?

Corporate Adviser is working with The Platforum to find out just what advisers think of corporate platforms.

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Workplace savings continues to be a hot topic as auto-enrolment attempts to address apathy and a widespread lack of provision.

Many believe technology is the way forward, not only in terms of complying but also as a means of engaging, informing and educating employees in a cost effective way – bring on Corporate Platforms.

Each platform is different but the common theme is giving employees on-line access to information and education tools plus the option to contribute towards a pension and additional savings vehicles.

We are interested to hear how these developments may affect your business moving forward and what would help you. We’ve teamed up with The Platforum to test the water on advisers’ attitudes to corporate platforms. In return for completing the 4-page survey, you will be entered into a draw to win a case of Berry Bros wine.

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