Premium discounts of up to 15 per cent for directed solutions from Axa PPP healthcare

Groom: “We can reward clients without compromising quality”
Groom: “We can reward clients without compromising quality”

AXA PPP healthcare has introduced a lower cost medical insurance plan for larger sized employers that cuts around 15 per cent off the level premiums by directing patients towards specific providers.

The new plan, called Corporate Health Plan Pathways (CHP Pathways), is aimed at groups of 75+ insured employees and is based on Axa PPP’s existing Corporate Health Plan. CHP Pathways offers the same levels of cover as CHP but takes responsibility for sourcing consultations with specialists and arranging physios, hospitals and other facilities away from the GP and to the insurer.

Axa PPP says the savings it can generate by more cost effective procurement of healthcare services enable it to pass on savings of up to 15 per cent in lower premiums.

CHP Pathways also allows scheme members to choose whether they would prefer to be treated nearer to their
home or nearer to their workplace. Locations near the workplace may be more convenient for initial consultations and tests or scans to determine whether further treatment, for instance, in a private hospital, may be needed, it says.

Under CHP Pathways, scheme members are obliged to pre-authorise their treatment. Axa PPP says in some circumstances it will be able to provide an enhanced service for members by making appointments with their selected provider.

CHP Pathways is available to new business as well as to current Corporate Health Plan clients who want to migrate all or some of their members to this lower cost plan. CHP Pathways can work alongside other arrangements that clients may have and wish to keep in place, such as occupational health providers or where directors and senior managers are to receive a higher level of cover.

Axa PPP distribution director Nick Groom says: “CHP Pathways forms an important part of our response to meeting corporate customers’ healthcare needs more cost effectively in what remain challenging economic times.

“By allowing us to take the lead on directing members to selected providers, we can reward clients with significant savings – without compromising the extent or quality of healthcare cover scheme members receive.”

“CHP Pathways is a welcome addition to our range of products and services for larger sized employers and we are confident it will help us to grow and develop the UK corporate healthcare market.”