BHSF’s 3,000 corporate cashplan clients offered Torquil Clark auto-enrolment solution

Midlands-based employee benefits provider and health insurer BHSF has agreed a partnership arrangement with chartered financial planners Torquil Clark to offer an auto enrolment solution to its client employers.

BHSF, a not-for-profit company, has around 3,000 corporate clients, the majority of whom fall into the SME bracket and the 2013/14 enrolment window set down by the government.
Brian Hall, sales and marketing director at BHSF, says: “Even now we are hearing from many clients who remain unprepared for auto enrolment and are ill-resourced to research the issue fully.
“The technology solution offered by Torquil Clark will complete the functionality of our Flexsme product and fit seamlessly into our Flexlite-type offerings too.”
John Chapman, managing director of Wolverhampton-based Torquil Clark says: “Companies are struggling to commit the time and resource required to provide a compliant and regulatory-approved auto enrolment system to their employees.
“Eighteen months planning and the requirement to have a regulatory-approved 12-month plan is creating too much pressure for many companies. Our system provides a cost effective and compliant solution beyond just the pension scheme, something we look forward to offering to BHSF clients”.