Dentists opt for Aon’s Littleblue

Aon’s Littleblue auto-enrolment solution has been selected by Denplan as a preferred solution option for its 6,500 member dentists across the country.

Multi-employer organisation Denplan says it has selected Aon’s auto-enrolment solution for its members, none of which have yet reached their auto-enrolment staging date, for its ease of use.

Aon Employee Benefits head of auto-enrolment Clare Abrahams says: “Littleblue was expressly designed to help smaller organisations through the auto-enrolment process.  That is now approaching its climax in 2016 with staging to reach levels in the hundreds of thousands every quarter from the beginning of the year.  It is still an involved process in which the correct compliance is a key factor and small employers will welcome the streamlined approach that Littleblue offers.

“Denplan, with its thousands of members across the country, is an example of a multi-employer organisation which is aiming to make the auto-enrolment process easier for its members by offering a preferred solution.”

Denplan deputy chief dental officer Henry Clover says: “We believe there are many dental practices that are not yet aware of how the law on workplace pensions has changed, or if they do know about the new regulations, they may not have started preparing for auto-enrolment yet. We are working closely with Aon to inform our members about the changes and how this could impact their practice. We are also encouraging them to start preparing for auto-enrolment at least six months before their staging date. 

“We believe Aon’s Littleblue auto-enrolment solution will save our members time and effort and help practices navigate smoothly through the process.”