Employees demanding pensions comms through diverse media

Employers are failing to communicate pensions to employees through their preferred channels and are relying on paper even though staff find new media just as appealing according to new research from Capita Employee Benefits.

The research, of over 3,000 employees, found online total reward statements the most wanted method of communication, preferred by 24 per cent of respondents, yet only offered by16 per cent of employers. Both podcasts and social media alerts were the preferred communication channel for 16 per cent of employees, yet only offered by 6 and 7 per cent of employers respectively.

Letters and starter packs for new joiners were the preferred method for 17 per cent, yet were by far the most common communication method, offered by 41 per cent of employers.

Leafets and posters in the workplace were both offered by 30 per cent of employers, but were only favoured by 19 and 16 per cent of employees respectively.

Capita Employee Benefits head of marketing Robin Hames says: “In terms of how employees wanted their employers to communicate pension benefits, there was no standout winner. Our research showed that people wanted to be communicated with in a variety of ways. This makes a communication strategy difficult to get right from a ‘top down’ approach – variety in offline and online, written guides and presentation may help to strike the right balance.”