Standard Life suspends corp md O’Neill and Vebnet director Verner

Gerry O’Neill, Standard Life’s former managing director of corporate solutions, and James Verner have been suspended from their roles at the company.

Standard says it is unable to disclose the reason for their suspension at this point, but adds that O’Neill had been relieved of his role after the launch of Standard’s Lifelens platform proposition at the end of February, moving to a position supporting the executive team on “a number of initiatives”.

O’Neill joined when Standard bought Vebnet, the company where he held the role of chief executive, in October 2008. Verner joined Vebnet in January 2005 and was responsible for its sales and marketing strategy.

Stephen Ingledew, formerly distribution director at Standard Life, has permanently taken over the role of managing director, corporate, which sees him oversee corporate pensions, Lifelens and Vebnet. Ingledew joined Standard Life in 2007. Ingledew is replaced in his role by Jeff Regazzoni, who reports to retail take to market managing director Ronnie Taylor. Regazzoni will also continue to head Standard Life’s distribution in the south region