TPR rebrands ‘registration’

The Pensions Regulator is renaming ‘registration’ as ‘a declaration of compliance’ ahead of the enrolment of thousands of small and micro employers next year. 

Completing registration with the regulator is a legal duty and an important method for tracking compliance.  The registration date is five months after the staging date. 

TPR says its research has shown that smaller employers have a different understanding of the word ‘registration’ than larger businesses and they identify more strongly with a ‘declaration of compliance’. 

The change in terminology comes as the regulator begins the first wave of direct communications with small and micro employers.  Thousands of small businesses, with fewer than 50 staff, will now receive their first letters telling them they have 12 months to prepare for automatic enrolment.

The regulator will continue to use the word ‘registration’ when using the term ‘declaration of compliance’ for the next few months to help employers and advisers understand the change of terminology. 

A TPR spokesperson says: “Completing registration with us is a legal duty on employers and an important method for tracking compliance. That’s why we have renamed ‘registration’ as ‘declaration of compliance’ – a term that resonates more strongly with smaller businesses.

“This coincides with the extension of automatic enrolment duties to the many thousands of these small and micro businesses across the UK.

We’ll be referring to employers’ duty to complete a declaration of compliance in all of our communications material and across our website.

“We’ll shorten ‘declaration of compliance’ to ‘declaration’ where it is used frequently in the same piece of communication.”