Accident and sickness cover included in Perfect’s new cashplan

A cashplan offering accident and sickness cover and a wide range of other benefits has been launched by Perfect Health Insurance.

The Perfect Cashplan offers income replacement monthly payments of up to £1500 a month as well as dentistry, optical and hospital benefits. It also includes benefits such as car-parking costs of up to £45 per day for friends and family visiting patients in an NHS hospital.
Income replacement payments of up to £1500 per month are payable for six months in case of accident or illness that prevents the policyholders from working.
The policy is aimed primarily at sole traders and employees in small businesses whose livelihood may be at risk if they suffered an accident or illness that prevented them from working for a long period of time.
The new cashplan is available from just £16.50 per month and the policy that includes six monthly payments of £1500 is just £49.50 per month or £98.40 for a married couple. The cashplan is available directly through Perfect Health Insurance and its website, or through AMII and BIBA registered brokers.
Andrew Tripp, chief executive of Perfect Health Insurance says: “Last year, when I suffered a heart attack and was forced off work for almost three months I was fortunate enough to be adequately insured, but I was aware that others might not be so lucky.
“I realised there was a gap in the market in terms of a policy to cover this eventuality so I worked closely with underwriters to create an affordable policy that provided day-to-day benefits when people are healthy, such as dental and optical benefits, but more importantly offered them support in case of hospital stays and forced absence from work through accident or illness. We believe we now offer the best cashplan on the market”.