Non-PMI intermediaries targeting healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is expanding to incorporate increasing numbers of IFAs and brokers that have never sold PMI before, according to Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries\' (AMII) general secretary Michael Payne.

Payne said the conference had seen the attendance of significant numbers of IFAs who had not sold PMI before or had only sold a little and were looking to expand further into the sector because they want to expand into new markets offering additional income streams.

Payne, who presented an introductory session on PMI at the AMII annual conference at Hinkley, Leicestershire last month said: “We are very much opening the doors to IFAs and general insurance intermediaries who would like to expand into the PMI market and create a valuable additional income revenue stream for their business, whether is be by advising direct of through referrals tospecialist healthcare intermediaries.”

AMII is offering new joiners the opportunity to sign up for a discounted fee. While membership is usually open to specialist health insurance intermediaries and other intermediary firms that employ a specialist PMI adviser or have a separate PMI division, any non member delegate attending the conference who applies to join AMII before 31 July 2009 will have the initial £100 application fee waived.