Mercer buys ageing workforce platform adviser

Fiona Dunsire, Mercer
Fiona Dunsire, CEO, Mercer

Mercer has bought ageing workforce advisory firm the Positive Ageing Company, bringing its AgeingWorks digital health, wellbeing and eldercare platform within the organisation.

The Positive Ageing Company, which has been bought for an undisclosed fee, helps employers and employees manage the financial, care and health impact of ageing. The AegingWorks platform provides employees with comprehensive information, support, tools and resources helping them deal with their own personal ageing issues and those of their families.

Research from Mercer shows that 84 per cent of companies know that they need to change how they respond to the challenges posed by an ageing workforce but, says the consultancy, many firms are simply unsure how to take the first step.

Mercer UK CEO and market leader Fiona Dunsire says: “The Positive Ageing Company will support employers in taking that first step. The company is a true disruptive innovator providing employees with vital information on a wide range of topics and relaying information on employee needs back to the employer.

A statement from Mike and Chris Minett, co-ounders of the Positive Ageing Company says: “We are excited to be joining Mercer because we have a shared vision – to enable organisations, their employees and ultimately their families to age well. Having engaged with over 200 of the UK’s largest employers, it is clear that, for the vast majority, the impact of our ageing demographics on their business is still not clear.  Many organisations do not yet fully realise the significant impact that our ageing society is having on their workforce, their customers and their bottom line or more importantly the opportunities to be realised. Mercer sees the value what we do and the benefits that it brings to their clients. We are delighted to be joining them.”

Mercer Marsh Benefits UK head Tony Wood says: “It is estimated one in three of the UK workforce will be over the age of 50 by 2020 and one in every 9 workers will be a carer, so the personal and business impact of ageing and caring for an increasingly elderly population will continue to grow.  This acquisition and the knowledge that it brings to Mercer will be invaluable for our clients.”

Chris and Mike Minett will report into Tony Wood.