Now: Pensions and Staffcare team up for automated AE solution

Now: Pensions is partnering with employee benefits software specialists Staffcare for initial auto-enrolment administration and member communications for its employer clients.

Under the deal Staffcare is providing a fully automated onboarding process for employers that builds on Now: Pensions’ existing administration platform.

The system, which goes live this month, gives each payroll its own Now: Pensions portal hosted by Staffcare. Employers can use the portal to upload employee data and have it validated before processing begins. The Staffcare system then guides them through the auto enrolment process with online tutorials. The portal handles and distributes communications to employees for each category of worker, manages and records opt-outs and opt-ins, providers automatic alerts for key tasks and produces employer reports.  

Now: Pensions says its new automatic process will allow up to 2,500 clients a week to be signed up, each within very short timescales. It says the underlying system is able to handle tens of thousands of employers all processing multiple payrolls each month.

Assessment functionality is available within the Staffcare portal but Now: Pensions is recommending that in the vast majority of cases this should be done within the payroll system to minimise processing times. 

NOW: Pensions CEO Morten Nilsson says: “The success of auto enrolment in 2014 will hinge upon having smooth, efficient online systems to onboard large volumes of employers quickly and easily.

“Our online sign up service coupled with the Now: Pensions portal built by Staffcare ensures that we are in a strong position to effectively manage the large numbers of employers who will be reaching their staging dates over the coming months and years.”

Staffcare managing director global business & workplace savings Graham Jarvis says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Now: Pensions. Our combined expertise has created a fully automated end-to-end solution, which is essential in order to handle the number of companies staging next year and to provide them with an affordable and engaging experience. We believe that Now: Pensions is perfectly positioned to secure significant market share, both direct to employers and through the intermediary channel.”