Aviva launches tool to manage 2014 AE crunch

Aviva is launching a provider-neutral auto-enrolment tool that allows advisers to manage multiple employers’ staging requirements through a single hub.

Complimenting Aviva’s existing Auto-enrolment Manager for Employees tool, the new Auto-enrolment Planner includes comprehensive planning and communication tools and allows employers to keep track of their staging process and manage tasks during the 2014 surge of staging employers.

The tool helps advisers to gain a clear understanding of the steps and tasks required for each employer as they plan for staging. The on-line project management capabilities include a traffic light system, which highlights tasks that need completing and enables the adviser and employer to identify and address trouble spots.

The tool manages the communications for tasks needing completion, by whom and when, sending personalised updates to all parties concerned, flagging tasks that are on target or that need immediate action.

Aviva head of platform development and e-commerce Billy Burnside says: “The Auto-enrolment Planner had been specifically developed to give advisers and employers the planning and administrative support they needed through what would be an extremely challenging period. The tool would enable advisers to efficiently manage additional administrative tasks but also remain focused on helping employers get the best pension schemes in place for their employees.

“At Aviva we want to support employers and advisers through automatic enrolment and ensure we do everything we can to encourage them to plan thoroughly and well in advance of staging. 

“Creating an interactive automated tool is an ideal way to free up advisers’ time so they do not become over-burdened by the administration side of staging while at the same time keeping them at the centre of the auto-enrolment process with their employer clients. And employers who also need help have a clear road-map for getting their staging right.”