UK workers start week stressed

UK workers are starting the week tired, stressed and anxious, with 12 per cent feel depressed when they start the week, according to new research.

But one in four workers – 24 per cent – says knowing they have financial protection in place improves their motivation and productivity.
Only one in five is content at the beginning of the working week, compared to 36 per cent who feel tired despite the weekend break, according to a new survey of 763 people by Canada Life Group Insurance. One in five are stressed or anxious.
Almost a third of employees – 32 per cent – indicated a higher salary would boost their workplace motivation.
Canada Life Group marketing director Paul Avis says: “Most people would say Monday wasn’t their favourite day of the week, but starting work feeling depressed, anxious, tired and stressed signals that employees are experiencing serious problems in the workplace but are neglecting to address them.
“Employees should never feel too scared to tell their boss that they are unhappy and demotivated, as only through communication can these types of problems be solved. If employees are really unhappy about tackling these problems head on, an employee assistance programme can provide third-party assistance and advice. If employees’ problems are money related, employers providing financial protection, such as group income protection, can go a long way to improve financial security and also contentment and productivity at work”