Axa PPP launches two new channels to better workplace health

Axa PPP Healthcare is giving employees access to quicker musculoskeletal treatment and line managers and HR professionals access to improved occupational health services.

The provider’s new Musculoskeletal Health Pathway gives members of corporate healthcare schemes the opportunity for self-referral without the need to visit a GP, an in-house team of clinical experts to provide advice and case management at all stages of need and preferred partner arrangements for physiotherapy delivery. Axa PPP says the aim of the service is to resolve all musculoskeletal conditions as quickly and thoroughly as possible, provide a seamless member experience and manage proactively the cost of claims.

Musculoskeletal problems are the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, accounting for over a quarter of all days lost, a total of 35 million days, according to the ONS’ Labour Force Survey. Treatment for musculoskeletal accounts for around 35 per cent of their PMI claims costs. The provider believes this approach will cut the cost of this expenditure by ensuring members are referred promptly to suitable providers for evidence-based care, thereby avoiding unnecessary or inappropriate referrals or interventions.

Axa PPP lead physiotherapist Jan Vickery says: “By agreeing robust, evidence-based treatment plans, the focus is firmly on getting the right clinical outcome. Combining a better member experience with better cost management, the Musculoskeletal Health Pathway is another demonstration of our commitment to delivering sustainable cover to the corporate healthcare market and to helping clients get more from their healthcare investment.’

The provider’s Manager Health Gateway is a portal that allows line managers and HR professionals to access expert occupational health support, managing referrals between employers and its in-house dedicated team of OH physicians and nurses.

The Manager Health Gateway provides line managers and HR practitioners with access to Axa PPP’s management referral service, which, through its Management Advice Report, provides advice and assessment of the capability for work of employees with, or thought to have, medical problems that are adversely affecting their performance.

The Management Advice Report highlights key findings on a range of bio-psychosocial obstacles and evidenced-based return-to-work predictors for each referral to give a clear assessment of the employee’s fitness for work and prognosis – and actionable recommendations for dealing with them. Organisational and legal issues that may be relevant to the employee’s circumstances are also considered and included in the report.

Managers can use the Manager Health Gateway to track the progress of management referrals. Training and ongoing support are also available. 

Axa PPP has also added a New Starter Health Assessment tool that it says goes beyond normal fit-for-work reporting by identifying the potential risk of employees’ future health problems and offering detailed recommendations to manage them for early, targeted intervention.” 

Axa PPP Healthcare OH medical director Dr Steven Iley says: “We’ve brought together data management, new technology and clinical expertise in a new way to give employers greater certainty in their decision-making when dealing with health-related management issues.”