Advanced system for EAP measurement

Employee Advisory Resource is launching an employee assistance programme that it says offers the most advanced clinical outcomes measurement system available to date.

The Evolution EAP has been designed to directly link service outcomes with the overall efficiency and value for money of the EAP service.

Employee Advisory Resource says it has developed the product in response to market research showing appetite amongst employers for greater quantification of the return on investment for EAPs.

To address this it is offering feedback on the outcomes it has measured on employees using its service. It is also entering into formalised agreements with client employers that set out the levels of outcomes that both parties expect to see from treatment.

The EAP provider also says its product moves away from a structure where EAPs are bought on the basis of the number of sessions that will be guaranteed. It says this can create an expectation as to the number of sessions that will be given, and instead will offer sessions based on need.

Alan King, managing director of Employee Advisory Resource says: “A shake up needs to happen in the employee assistance market to keep up with the changing and varied needs of organisations and their employees. By offering core, short and medium term EAP solutions alongside other specialist psychological interventions we can meet the needs of individual employees and improve workplace performance”.