DWP defends Altmann’s Labour Party membership

Conservative minister and life peer Ros Altmann has been expelled from the Labour Party, after it discovered she had been a member for the previous 18 months, according to reports.

HuffPost UK reports that a Labour Party spokesperson told it that Baroness Altmann “has been a fully-paid up member since March 2014 – until we expelled her today”. She was expelled for ‘not supporting our values, by serving as a minister in a Tory government’.

Altmann was made business champion for older workers by her predecessor in the Coalition government Steve Webb, at around the time she is believed to have become a Labour Party member. She also served as an adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair a decade ago.

Altmann became a well-known figure in the pensions industry after she led a 6-year unpaid, non party-aligned campaign on behalf of more than 160,000 members of collapsed pension schemes, which ultimately led to compensation being paid by the government.

A DWP spokesperson said: ”Ros has taken an interest in all three parties – this is because prior to the election she worked on policy, not politics, and wanted to keep in touch with what each party was doing. The story here is surely that despite the Labour Party boasting of its scrupulous checking they still sent a Conservative Minister a voting form.”