Pay by results behavioural change service in Axa PPP’s newly launched workplace wellbeing offering

Axa PPP healthcare has launched a workplace wellbeing service that incorporates what it claims is the first ever behavioural change service to be made available through the corporate intermediary market.

The Be Healthy workplace wellbeing offering includes ‘Imperative Health’, a behavioural change service that targets musculoskeletal problems, diabetes and heart disease, and offers fee rebates if beneficial employee outcomes are not achieved.

Be Healthy is available to companies with 200 or more employees. The provider claims it is the UK’s first wellbeing offering to include the Imperative behavioural change service. Imperative features biofeedback, online coaching and the telephone support of a qualified physiologist. Axa PPP says Imperative has been shown to effect significant, lasting improvements in physical activity, weight reduction and blood pressure, all of which are risk factors associated with musculoskeletal problems, diabetes and heart disease.

The provider is offering ‘significant’ rebates if genuine results are not achieved through Imperative.

In addition to Imperative, Be Healthy includes a gateway service for all employees, incorporating access to a confidential online Health Age calculator that assesses individuals’biological, psychological and social parameters to estimate their health age, which Axa PPP says is a more accessible and meaningful metric than traditional health risk assessment scores. The calculator also recommends behaviour changes to help employees to improve their health age and give employers management information. It also includes email and online communications to staff on health issues.

Axa PPP head of personal health risk management Dr Chris Tomkins says: “It is time to move on from the old health risk assessment models of the past. The reason why this sector has come under such price pressure is because it has failed to deliver value. Employers using HRAs should ask themselves ’what genuine numerical evidence do they have that the risk has improved?’Our systematic approach to targeted risk reduction enables employers to concentrate resources on employees whose health gives greatest cause for concern.

“We are confident that utilisation of our Be Healthy service will enable employers to improve employee wellbeing and resilience in a targeted, cost effective way and, in turn, enhance their performance and productivity. After all, we are the only provider willing to stake some of our fee on it.”