Bluefin first with mobile valuations

Pension scheme members can now access daily valuations and fund performance through their mobile phone under a new service being offered by Bluefin Corporate Consulting.

Bluefin has launched an online benefits portal that interacts with mobile and other handheld devices as well as PCs and laptops, allowing clients to access their benefits on the move as well as in the office. The technology, which Bluefin says is a first in the sector, sits on its revamped Orbit platform. The development is designed to improve member engagement with schemes.

The technology enables information to be sent to members regarding fund valuations and alerts for significant fund price movement via SMS rather than email. It also has website functionality compatible with all browser-enabled phones, allowing members to access a comprehensive breakdown of their portfolio.

A member can log in via their handheld device, whether a Blackberry, iPhone or other mobile device and obtain daily valuations, fund performance and a valuation history. Members can then see at a glance not only the current value of their plan but also how it compares to the preceding valuation obtained.

Bluefin will be rolling out further versions of the technology over the coming months as the company continues to develop the Orbit platform. Bluefin says next generation versions, containing greater functionality and additional features, are due to be launched in the near future.

Robin Hames, head of technical, marketing and research at Bluefin, says: “Generation Y needs to be engaged with from a more technological perspective, as they are increasingly obtaining more information via the phone browser, with mobile technology in devices such as BlackBerrys, i-Phones and myriad other ‘smart phones’ becoming ever more ubiquitous. This new technology will be a powerful employee engagement tool.”