Standard launches employer site for run up to 2012

Standard Life is launching a website specifically for employers and their advisers that deals solely with the pension reform changes coming in 2012. The website aims to give employers and their advisers an up to date picture of the changes in the lead up to 2012, and beyond.

At launch the website has some basic information around the major changes which the Government has planned. Standard will update this as matters progress and says that in the future additional features and tools such as videos and calculators will be added to help employers and advisers decide the best way to cope with the 2012 changes.

To coincide with the launch of the website, which is at, Standard has issued the first in what will be a series of letters to employers dealing with the pensions reform changes being introduced from 2012. The first letter explains the background to the Government’s reform agenda and outlines some of the main changes. This includes the need for employers to automatically enrol most of their staff into either a good quality private pension scheme or the new Government sponsored personal accounts scheme, and pay at least a 3 per cent contribution for those who remain in the scheme.