AMII appoints new chairman

The Association of Medical Insurers and Intermediaries (AMII) has appointed Private Health Partnership chief executive Stuart Scullion as chair, replacing Positively Healthcare managing director Wayne Pontin. 

The appointment follows a members’ vote at AMII’s AGM at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes.

Hazel Gregory, managing director of Medical Insurance Services, and Sue Smith from ADVO Group both step down from the executive committee, being replaced by Larry Bulmer, CEO of ADVO Group, and Dave Middleton, CEO of Portus Consulting.

Paul Swanson, commercial director at Healthwise takes over as treasurer, taking over from Graeme Godfrey, managing director of Best Go Private.

A third insurer representative, Mike Wagg, head of intermediary sales at Simplyheath, has been elected to the committee, joinimh Debbie Jones from Anglia Healthcare, Claire Ginnelly from Premier Choice Group, Paul Shires from Westfield Health and Richard Norris from Bupa Health Funding.

Scullion says: “AMII has taken huge strides forward under the tenure of Wayne Pontin as Chair. The constitutional changes which enabled corporate members to join AMII reflect our desire to position AMII as a central focus for commentary on health and wellbeing issues across the industry.

“The health and wellbeing landscape is changing. We are determined to uphold a code of ethics and conduct, showing our ability to self-regulate in the interests of the consumer.  We aim to promote consumer confidence in the health and well-being sector, by raising professional standards and through the demonstration of the value of independent advice”.