Chase de Vere launches reward consultancy proposition

Sean McSweeney, Chase de Vere
Sean McSweeney, Chase de Vere

Chase de Vere is launching a new corporate advice proposition that offers recruitment, retention and productivity consultancy services to employers.

The firm is launching the new proposition in acknowledgment of the changing priorities of employers, who are less interested in pension scheme onboarding and scheme rebroking, particularly in a post-commission, post auto-enrolment market, but more interested in ensuring their reward package is attracting, retaining and motivating the best staff.

Chase de Vere says the new corporate advice service will help employers in reducing their business risks, including absenteeism, high staff turnover and the loss of business knowledge. Services will include benefits benchmarking, research into what employees value, consulting on the full range of employee benefits and measuring return on investment. The firm predicts a healthy market for this type of service as the economy improves and demand for talent rises.

Chase de Vere corporate advice manager Sean McSweeney says: “Gone are the days when employees focused just on the bottom line of their pay-slip or the days when providing a pension scheme meant that employers were considered to be going beyond the call of duty. Equally, we don’t believe the solution for employers is just about the right mix of traditional financial products.

“Forward thinking employers are aware that the expectations of today’s employees are changing, whereby the brightest talent is no longer simply looking for the best paid job, but rather they are seeking the best employers. However, most corporate advice propositions don’t address these requirements.

“We believe that our new comprehensive, service-focused proposition is ideally suited to meet the needs of these employers”.