2008: 10 years of Corporate Adviser

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  • Court of Appeal finds the Government guilty of misleading 165,000 workers about the security of their pensions, ending a five-and-a-half-year campaign led by future pensions minister Ros Altmann that won members £4bn in compensation.
  • Advisers are warned against transferring pensions to Ireland to avoid annuitisation.
  • Chancellor Gordon Brown scraps 10p tax rate, making salary sacrifice more attractive.
  • DWP launches a consultation on whether to allow greater pension risk sharing between the employer and the individual.
  • Personal Accounts Delivery Authority consultation finds no consensus on how the new body should structure its charges.
  • Lehmann Brothers collapses, sending the world into a massive financial crisis. The eight funds on the Corporate Adviser Ultimate Default Fund shortlist in October 2007 are ranked for their 12-month performance to October 2008. Best performing is the Ruffer Total Return, up 1.5 per cent. Worst performing is Friends Provident Stewardship, down 40 per cent.
  • Corporate bond managers hail a once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity.
  • Most employee share schemes are declared worthless, with more than three-quarters of FTSE100 share options higher than the actual share price.
  • FSA extends its consultation on the RDR, seeking views on whether and how to bring the group pensions market within scope. A key conundrum is seen to be the fact that the employer, not the employee, is making the purchasing decision.
  • Strictly Come Dancing competitor and political journo John Sergeant is unveiled as Corporate Adviser Awards host.

“Maybe [work & pensions secretary James] Purnell will be prepared to reopen our battle of the blogs. At least he knows the subject matter, even if he doesn’t understand the issues.” Scottish Life head of pensions strategy Steve Bee

Corporate Adviser Firm of the Year: Morgans Corporate Benefits

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