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Bringing home the message

24 July 2014

The industry is divided about how best to promote group risk to a wider audience. Edmund Tirbutt finds solutions ranging from auto-enrolment to new adviser relationships

Group Risk Forum debate

Beating the stress test

23 July 2014

The link between stress and ill health is a matter of chemical reactions inside the body. Group risk professionals can help workers get the right mix. Edmund Tirbutt reports


New tools for tackling the mental health epidemic

24 June 2014

Mental health absence is soaring but there is a lot consultants can do to help employers make a difference. Edmund Tirbutt investigates

Sealed bids

Group risk - a functioning market?

16 May 2014

Is the group risk market unfairly balanced in favour of incumbent players? As ever, there are two sides to every argument. John Greenwood reports


Reward and retain

8 April 2014

High staff turnover is bad for business. Edmund Tirbutt examines what group risk professionals can do to ease the pain

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Jo Elphick, MetLife

MetLife appoints former Unum marketing head

15 July 2014

MetLife is appointing Unum’s former head of communications Jo Elphick as head of employee benefits marketing.

Peter O'Donnell, Unum

Blueprint for wellness consulting launched by Unum

11 July 2014

A best practice blueprint to help employers build employee engagement strategies has been developed for advisers by Unum.

David Williams, Friends Life

Friends introduces critical illness support service for group schemes

9 July 2014

Friends Life is launching a critical illness support service (CISS) for group critical illness members diagnosed with insured medical conditions or undergoing one of the operations covered by the scheme.

More Group Risk News

  • Phil-Wood,.jpg

    Cashing in on NI savings

    Employer’s NI savings can be diverted to improve health and wellbeing as they face pensions auto-enrolment says Health Shield executive director, sales & marketing Philip Wood

  • Paul Avis, Canada Life

    A compelling case for GIP

    Group IP products do not sit well within a simple products framework. So is compulsion, soft or otherwise, a realistic alternative asks Canada Life Group Insurance marketing director Paul Avis

  • Paul White

    Reality check needed for group risk auto-enrolment

    Would auto-enrolment of income protection be such a good idea? The government may think it has better options says PSHPC senior consultant Paul White

  • Paul Avis, Canada Life

    Time to plunge into the pool?

    Advisers are aware of multinational pooling but may have not considered entering the market. So is it worth UK advisers taking the plunge asks Canada Life Group Insurance marketing director Paul Avis

  • Paul Avis, Canada Life

    The real value of group insurance

    Canada Life Group Insurance’s Paul Avis explains how to get the best value from a group risk product

  • Steve Bridger, Aviva

    The argument for protection in auto-enrolment

    The time has come to make the case for bringing income protection within auto-enrolment says Aviva UK Health head of group risk Steve Bridger

  • Marco Forato, Unum

    What is a company’s most important asset?

    Marco Forato, Chief Marketing Officer at Unum asks why companies are more likely to protect their printers than their people

  • Lee Gruskin, Capita Employee Benefits

    Automatic for the people

    Advisers need to be at the centre of automated processes that cover group risk and all benefits says Capita Employee Benefits senior health management consultant Lee Gruskin

  • John Ritchie

    If you’re gonna do it, do it right

    Sometimes it makes sense for companies to speak directly to providers, however possessive advisers may be about their clients says Ellipse CEO John Ritchie

  • Peter O'Donnell, Unum

    Opportunities in a changing workforce

    Employee benefits have not kept up with changing employee demographics. needs. Providers and advisers need to work together to grow the group risk sector says Unum CEO Peter O’Donnell

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International benefits

Foreign intelligence

16 May 2013

Increasingly mobile employees plus tight finances equals a need to get more for less from international benefits packages. Achieving that demands better data and smarter thinking, says Nicola Sullivan 

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