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Corporate Adviser Group Risk Round Table

Honing the GIP message

13 October 2014

Before the group risk sector can push GIP as a serious candidate for auto-enrolment it first needs a better understanding of why the product is not making inroads into new markets, finds Edmund Tirbutt 

Roy McLaughlin, Master Adviser

GIP - Building a compelling case

8 October 2014

The government has ‘sorted’ retirement income through pensions auto-enrolment, so should sickness absence be the next target? Edmund Tirbutt finds belief in the idea beginning to grow

Different colours of protection

More ways to cover

2 September 2014

Personal accident, key person cover and short-term sick pay solutions should all form part of the holistic risk adviser’s toolkit argues Edmund Tirbutt


Bringing home the message

24 July 2014

The industry is divided about how best to promote group risk to a wider audience. Edmund Tirbutt finds solutions ranging from auto-enrolment to new adviser relationships

Group Risk Forum debate

Beating the stress test

23 July 2014

The link between stress and ill health is a matter of chemical reactions inside the body. Group risk professionals can help workers get the right mix. Edmund Tirbutt reports

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Chris Ford, Jelf Employee Benefits

What about the uncovered silent majority?

7 November 2014

The majority of GIP claims are paid, but who is looking after the six in seven that aren’t even covered asks Jelf Employee Benefits managing director, corporate and individual protection Chris Ford


Medical holding back multi-national pooling returns

6 November 2014

Multinational pooling arrangements are generating annual average returns of 6.1 per cent, with returns boosted by life but held back by medical business, according to a new research study conducted by Towers Watson.

Older workers

Group risk and health costs to soar as working age increases

30 October 2014

Group income protection premiums will rise by 50 per cent for employers whose average employee age rises by five years, according to research from Towers Watson. 

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International benefits

Foreign intelligence

16 May 2013

Increasingly mobile employees plus tight finances equals a need to get more for less from international benefits packages. Achieving that demands better data and smarter thinking, says Nicola Sullivan 

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