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Simon Derby, i2 Healthcare

Helping the state bear the welfare burden

19 October 2015

The group risk industry has constructive ideas that can help the Government to achieve many of its welfare and health objectives – if only the politicians would listen. Edmund Tirbutt reports

David Brunning, Mercer

Group risk for Generation Tech

19 October 2015

Tomorrow’s workers are already starting to ask today’s group risk professionals to up their game. Edmund Tirbutt reports

ROI from better benchmarks

6 October 2015

With group risk providers increasing their focus on supplying services as much as insurance, the imperative for making the case for rehabilitation and absence management has never been greater. Edmund Tirbutt finds moves afoot to do more to prove ROI

Group risk challenges

Future positive?

28 July 2015

Gilt yields, an ageing population, interaction with state benefits and political intervention all present long-term challenges to the group risk sector. But, discovers Edmund Tirbutt, there are reasons to be cheerful


Group CIC - Gaining critical mass

11 June 2015

Group critical illness cover is on the increase, but improvements around P11D and pre-existing condition disclosure hold the key to greater coverage, finds Edmund Tirbutt

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Mario Dunn, Fit for Work

Advisers and insurers 'should get behind Fit for Work'

19 November 2015

Insurers, consultants and advisers should all get behind the government’s new Fit for Work service as it supports their objectives as well as those of their customers says Fit for Work director Mario Dunn.

Helena Morrisey, Investment Association

Investment Association to promote human capital management

16 November 2015

The Investment Association is launching a drive to increase human capital reporting by companies to demonstrate to investors that they are getting the most out of their employees.

Mario Dunn, Fit for Work

Fit for Work director to deliver keynote at CA Group Risk and Healthcare Forum

6 November 2015

Fit for Work director Mario Dunn will deliver the keynote speech at the Corporate Adviser Group Risk and Healthcare Forum in London next month.

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International benefits

Foreign intelligence

16 May 2013

Increasingly mobile employees plus tight finances equals a need to get more for less from international benefits packages. Achieving that demands better data and smarter thinking, says Nicola Sullivan 

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